Created for Data

PureCloud is a smart environmental solution that empowers governments and municipalities with the tools they need to enforce laws and comply with European Union (EU) regulation.

The system utilizes a portable and stationary air-pollution monitoring device supplying real-time ambient air-quality data across multiple platforms simultaneously and cover extensive sample points in order to give an abundance of data and pinpoint the most polluted areas. It also includes a powerful cloud-based analytics platform with easy-to-use reporting.

Whether as part of a Smart City IoT network, or a stand-alone system implementation, PureCloud delivers the data necessary for decisionmakers to act.

Cloud Analytics

A powerful analytics engine is at the heart of the PureCloud system.

The PureCloud online platform has powerful tools and filters to manually or automatically analyze data received from mobile or fixed-location PureCloud devices. Analyses are actionable and easy to understand. Data can be displayed in a variety of ways, and available for download in readable reports and comparison across various parameters (time, location, etc).

Easy to Maintain

Though certified in academia, PureCloud wasn’t designed for a laboratory. This is law enforcement hardware – made for the field. Our units are rugged, easy to maintain, and backed by our certified Southeast European Gas Calibration Center.

Tools were meant to be used – and PureCloud was built for action. In addition to the rugged enclosure, each mobile unit includes a carrying case to protect the device in diverse weather conditions. The unit has an easy to maintain tunnel system that ensures that readings are accurate to the location, every time.

Each PureCloud unit is calibrated with instruments on the international standard ISO-17025 at the Southeast European Gas Calibration Center, part of an excellent academic center at The University of Cyril and Methodius. Units are regularly calibrated at the Center to maintain legal standards.

PureCloud meets or exceeds European Union (EU) Directives and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Air Act Standards for measurement


The need to act on air pollution is clear. So too is the path ahead — identify the source of the problem, and prevent it from continuing to cause the problem.

World Health Organization, June 2019


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