A Promising Start to Newly Formed Collaboration between INNOFEIT and Inform

BlueCloud News   •   July 6, 2018

Last Thursday on the 21st of June in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, INform DOO and the Center for Technology Transfers and Innovations (INNOFEIT) signed a collaboration agreement with a single aim: design projects where young talents can explore the endless possibilities of technological creation and further develop the Macedonian economy.

Having a clear goal to foster mutually beneficial cooperation within the business community, INform and INNOFEIT, for the first time in Macedonian history, will provide a place for students to work on a range of innovative projects and technological solutions.

It is INform’s desire to reorient its goals to form this partnership, which will enable better collaboration between higher educational institutions and the business sector in Macedonia.

Why Macedonia?

Macedonia has a stable business climate, a qualified workforce, and an economy that is eager to grow and learn. The only way to climb that ladder is through the collaboration of domestic firms with educational institutions and foreign companies.

“We are developing a working routine that results in products that can compete not only on the local market here in Macedonia, but worldwide also,’’ said INform Director James Anderson.

This partnership has both INform and INNOFEIT looking forward to a promising new start for the improvement of Macedonia’s business and educational sectors.

“ Our hope is to inspire other companies to engage in similar partnerships that will create greater opportunities for growth and competitiveness in the Macedonian market, both domestically and abroad ’’ said INform’s directors.

One of the key points of the agreement include INform receiving permission to use INNOFEIT’s facilities. This will enable the realization of more ambitious projects in cooperation with the teaching staff and students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje.

“Working on practical projects is of crucial importance for the newly formed faculty programs and will give the students the power to work in a team as well as to know the scope of project development in a given deadline. Working on specific problems will be most valuable for them.‘’ said professor Atanasovski, Vice Dean for Finance and Cooperation with the economy at FEIT and director of INNOFEIT.