Useful Links & References

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Academic & Science Sources, Case Studies:

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Representative Types of Stakeholders:

Public Sector:

  • City Council (political authority)
  • Mayor and/or Chief Executive Office
  • City Government Administrative Aepartments (sectoral) – Usually Several
  • Municipal Companies & Autonomous Organizations
  • Regional or Provincial Government Departments
  • Central or National Government Departments
  • Regulatory Bodies (at whichever level) Concerned With AQM
  • Public Research Organizations
  • Police

Private Sector:

  • Private Sector Organizations (Industry Groups, Chamber of Commerce, etc.)
  • Industrial or commercial companies with major impacts on AQM
  • Informal Sector Groups
  • Private Research Institutions & Technical Consultants
  • Professional Associations

Popular or Community Sector:

  • Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) Focused on AQM Issues
  • Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) in Areas Affected by Air Pollution
  • Special Interest Groups (Such as Environmental Pressure Groups, Motoring Organizations)
  • Unions


  • Universities, Colleges, Higher Education
  • Public Research Institutions With Knowledge Pool on AQM Issues (Chemical, Environmental, Economic, Social, Health, Life-Style etc.)
  • Media
  • Others not included in above-mentioned categories, but who have a stake, i.e. Hospitals, Doctors, Forest Rangers, Primary Schools, Parents.