Connecting Business, Science, and Higher Education to Fight Air Pollution

BlueCloud News   •   April 30, 2018

connecting business science and higher education to fight pollution

Today, we live in an increasingly connected world where information flows between us more than ever before.

You can reach anyone within a second and find out information about anything you are interested in. Why not use that to your advantage and develop an idea that will serve a greater good? Ideas are born out of problems and the best solutions to problems thrive in a students’ mind. Young talents are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and innovation and only through real projects they can learn and develop products that can be patented for the global markets.

The best way to get young people working on programs and ideas is to connect higher educational institutions – students and professors – with local companies.
This was the main idea of the first Center for Technology Transfers and Innovations ”INNOFEIT” which is the newest startup project of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology in Skopje, Macedonia. INNOFEIT is driven by the desire to develop the business sector for a better economy in the small east European country through innovation.

‘’The center will give us the resources to create new products and services of extensive value that will enable us to enter the global sale markets,’’ said the Faculty’s Dean, Taskovski. “Linking higher education together with the industry and the government seems to be safest and the most productive way for one society to evolve.”

Partnerships born out of necessity

We are stuck with the real problems that threaten our environment and from there we try to envision a brighter future for everyone. This is where students come in, giving them a chance to create and innovate.

The current situation with the pollution in our home city of Skopje is alarming, and everybody is aware of that. Seeing Skopje pinned as the most polluted city in Europe with particle pollution of more than ten times higher than the air quality standards set by the European Union was a motivation for us to develop a technology that will help us solve this problem.

”Our collaboration with FEEIT was a benchmark model for connecting theory and science with economy and practice. We were impressed by the Dean’s efforts and ideas and his whole sector, the way they handled the project, the team’s hard work as well as their communication with us. Our aim is to set the boundaries for an innovative future filled with projects that will change Macedonia from within.”

Young entrepreneurs and students will now have a choice to get a hold of their visions to do something real and not just a halfway developed study work laying forgotten on a lonely desk. Working on a real problem and coming up with a real solution will result in a quality product worthy enough to compete in a global market. We, at Inform, connected knowledge and ideas that can transform and change lives thus ensuring a valuable development in the economic and social sphere.

BlueCloud Portable Air-Pollution Sensor is a smart and compact digital device that can be used to reveal the real percentage of air pollution in the environment that you are in. It is a precise and fully functional device with the specificity to allow anyone – from government inspectors to concerned citizens – to measure the air pollution in a particular area. It then automatically uploads the results to a cloud in an online database.

Enforcement requires the right tools

PAPS is a portable device for measuring the air pollution through several parameters, and its use is strictly for the need of the environmental inspectors of the local government sectors. This device helps by making a real-time analysis of the ambient air according to European standards, and it is more likely to reduce the air pollution by 50 % with proper usage.

The data that will be measured can be uploaded to a cloud and kept locally on the device where it can be reached through a web portal or a mobile application on various platforms.

The concept will have the following benefits:

  • Affordable price as a result of the home production of the device as well as local and
    regional maintenance;
  • European standard measurements;
  • Direct involvement of the air pollution threat as well as safety from corrupting the product thanks to the low price availability;
  • Forging a strong bond between the Academy, industry and the Government through the successful model for lowering the brain-drain effect.

According to our research, acting at the right moment and the right place with the help of this device air pollution could be decreased by 50% in all areas in Skopje. We encourage the local government to find the best ways to detect the sources of major pollutants by using all available resources and devices.

What is exceptionally important for Inform is the outcome of the project, which is creating a powerful model for the business sector to use and collaborate with science. Implementing scientific projects into technology and giving it access to the business sector to work with it is key for production of new products.

”We hope that this collaboration with the academy will motivate and inspire every company in Macedonia to take part in this movement of innovation.
We want to encourage other companies to develop new programs that will warm the hearts of young people and will hopefully give them a good enough reason not to leave the country and remain comfortable here” – Bryan Brenchley, INFORM CEO